I’m A Drag Queen (VIDEO)

I’m A Drag Queen is the debut single and music video from Trinity K Bone’t.
Performed by Trinity K Bone’t (feat. Norman Ebony)
Written by Trinity K Bone’t & Kendoll Brinkley Brown
Produced by Kendoll Brinkley Brown for Kenfolk Entertainment Network, LLC

Video Credits:
Executive Producers: Trinity K Bone’t & Kendoll Brinkley Brown
Director: Kendoll Brinkley Brown
Artistic Director: Enrique Fann (Damoni Hall Dickerson)
Cinematography & Editing: Kendoll Brinkley Brown
Production Assistant: Steffone Smallwood
Hair & Wardrobe: Trinity K Bone’t & KAOZ by Brandon McDaniel
Makeup: Trinity K Bone’t
Body Paint Artist: Joseph Titus Davis
Lighting: Enrique Fann & DJ Rick

Dancers: Dynisty St James, De’Andre Smith, Michael Gray, Jermaine Hancock, and Craig Williams.
Body Paint/Fashion Guys: Antwan Sirmon, Reggie Johnson, Montanna, Bryonne Kryptonite Balmain
Drag Queen & Runway Ladies: Destini L. Monroe, Y’Marie Santiago, Naomi Wynters

Special Thanks to Enrique Fann, Christopher Higgins, DJ Rick, Steffone Smallwood and Mixx Atlanta.

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